Yes I would call this art. I have a domain name as a title and a web page for my canvas. I’ve said this before.  Creating this and curating this are my goals. Everything looks very pretty to me on my monitors but maybe this isn’t the same for everyone? Using different devices to view the page makes it amorphous however an artist would display their work in a well lit gallery. My work full screen on a curved or large monitor 27″ looks great. 

Content is king so it is said and the web seems to be content rich and design secondary. I am aiming at something that is visually appealing and content rich. But I would ask the viewer to step back and view the craft in a web page which is crafted not just to make the content more accessible but to form a whole. Not just ‘form’ um… Maybe not just the form but seeing I am typing on the Raleway font line height 1.7 spacing 0.7 weight default size 18 and it looks good. 

Just as a potter has their crafting so too is a web page crafted. Is it me? You see I have a state of the art computer system and everything looks beautiful to me. It is my wheel and kiln. What moves me is the style, Mick called my curved monitor “very sexy”. 

Can art be taught? Well, you can give a person tools and show them how to use them – how this combo works is mechanical and not art. Anyone can use Raleway etc and reproduce this page in its entirety but the content… see what I mean. 

Time for the video I am listening to which is again an expression of my art. Making the video involved crafting from a digital world to an audio world and blending the two. Now here is what might be new = Listening On Repeat.

I found this:

Listen to Brain Music or Songs on Repeat

In her book, On Repeat: How Music Plays the Mind, psychologist Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis explains why listening to music on repeat improves focus. When you’re listening to a song on repeat, you tend to dissolve into the song, which blocks out mind wandering (let your mind wander while you’re away from work!).

WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, listens to one single song on repeat to get into flow. So do authors Ryan Holiday and Tim Ferriss, and many others.

Give it a try.

You can use this website to listen to YouTube video’s on repeat.

This works for me. I have a few good songs that deserve repeating, the above is one of them. I found this while doing a Benjamin Hardy course on Medium. Enjoying the course very much. Having problems with goal setting (sigh). 

So is a web page art? Is a website art? Can it be? It’s a mixing of the zeros and ones to form something unique. What is art anyway? 

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